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Welcome to STUDIO A - Dance and Fitness Centre!


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! :D

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season.

As some of you know, I work in Oslo every year, and I was fortunate enough to be offered a role in the musical Jungle Book, where I will be playing the wolf mother, Raksha. It is an opportunity I could not pass up. Rehearsals have started so I am back in Oslo. Our premier is January 28th and we play until the end of March.

I therefore regret having to inform you that I unfortunately have to cancel my classes this term.....Jazz, Carumba and Elder Dance.

I intend to resume classes in April and will also be having my annual Easter Camp. I will keep you posted as to days and times. Remember to keep moving...Keep Dancing!

Thank you all so much for your support over the past three years. I look forward to seeing you again in a few months

Wishing you and your families Love, Peace, Health, Prosperity and Blessings for 2017...and beyond.
Arlene :)

                                            Jazz Dance for kids ages 5 - 11
                                              NB: Classes resume soon

                                  TRY CARUMBA at STUDIO A

                                              NB: Classes resume soon
                                                           Burn calories
                                               Build strength and stamina 
                                      Boost self-esteem and self-confidence 
                                         Improve coordination and flexibility 
                                                           Reduce stress

                                             Dance like nobody is watching! 
                                                             Have FUN! 
                                                             Feel good! 

                                ELDER DANCE (Low Impact Dance Workout)
                                              NB: Classes resume soon

                     This class is also suitable for anyone with minor injuries
         Anyone (of any age) looking for a low impact dance workout is welcome
                                             Come, join us and Work Out        

                                               New term starts 29th April

             Changes, if necessary, will be posted to the STUDIO A Facebook Page and updated here

                Facebook Page: STUDIO A -

A is available for rent.
For inquiries call 305 8880 or send an email to [email protected]